Saturday, 10 September 2011

'By The Burning Of His Skin...'

by Sandrine Lopez


It was a gorgeous orgasm of a sunset.

The glowing orb plunged into the horizon, splashing red blush over the sky. The seagulls sang at the joining, a sympathetic climax in urgent bird cries.

Louise stood in aroused awe, at the consummation in scarlet light and fire.

Self-admittedly, she had a fetish for red. Guys wearing red tight-fitting, sport tops. Driving racy bright-red cars, guaranteed to get her red-bloodedness flowing. Ginger tops... deeper the hue, longer and thicker the strands, much the better. She could run her fingers through that forever, revelling in the beauty of its flaming colour.

Now the very air itself was pure red. Louise's pulse raced, as she considered how hot it made everything, everyone, on the beach look.

As the red sun penetrated, disappeared, into the sea, she saw him.

His hair was bright, almost unnaturally red. A blazing shock of waves from under his cap. Even with the fading crimson sunset illuminating him, she could tell he was burnt, almost lobster-red. Louise was mesmerised by the sore reddening of his skin.

She had to find out more.

Shimmying through the crowd, Louise made her way to his side. As if formed from her innate desires, he also wore a faded reddish tee, separating dark shorts and shades.


Her heart pounded, matching the beats of the drumming beach party anthems. The day's heat had already made Louise glow with perspiration. She was aware of the dampness in her kini pants. How perky she was through her top. If that wasn't a red rag to any bull of a guy, she didn't know what was.

Stuff silly intros, she thought, go for the kill.

Louise took his raw jaw firmly in her fingers, turned his face to hers, inhaling the strong coconutty scent of sunblock, and kissed his lips before he could react. It quickly became a snog, as her arms draped round his neck. His surprise softened into returned enjoyment. Her tongue swirled into his mouth. Pleasure as he tasted back. She forgot his soreness, her body closing in around him. One bare leg rising to wrap round his thigh.

"Woooo, Roy!" One of his mates called, "Who's your friend?"

Through Louise's embrace, a shrug.

His mates applauded. Louise didn't relent. Only the need to breath again tore them apart.

"Hi!" Roy finally found his voice.

Louise gasped back, "Hey."

"What was that for?"

Aware of the attention - very aroused attention, if the unsubtle stretching of Roy and his mate's shorts were indication - Louise whispered in his ear and led him away, to the fanfare of more clapping, whistles and cheers.


Louise couldn't stop smoothing Roy's immaculate ruddy skin. Covering his muscular arm, the toned redness of his legs and, as he shed his tee, the burning firmness of his body above his shorts. He must have been topless most of the day.

"Wow, you weren't kidding." Roy murmured, "You really are into red."

"Is it sore?" she asked, hypnotised by the colour. It fired her like no other guy had.

He smiled as her hands explored. "In a nice way, when you do that."

The sky now graduated from dying flame through ultramarine overhead, to a spreading deep purple. Under it, they lay on a towel spread over still warm sand, in a private niche of a cove. Far enough from party voyeurs, yet near enough to hear the music. The not-so-subtle pounding soundtrack to their love-making.

Or would be. After considerable time making out, Roy wasn't exactly pouncing like Louise wanted. He hadn't been so coy when being snogged in front of his mates.

"Tell me?" she asked.

Roy had kept his shades on until now.

"I'm just not used to... this kinda attention. Usually girls are a bit freaked."

"You mean the hairdye?" Louise giggled. "Shit no, I've used that colour myself!" She looked him in the eyes. Caught the flutter as his gaze darted, as if nervously, from one eye to the other, as if searching for meaning. Only it didn't stop. He had a twitch. Looking closer, the ghost rim of contacts.

Reflecting the sunset behind her, his eyes had a hint of wine red. She could get quite intoxicated on those.

"The contacts don't put me off, either." Louise cooed, tenderly.

Hardly freaky. Self-conscious softie.

She didn't want to be tender. Urges to be vigorous. In the moment. Her blood was boiling, red-lining beyond unvirtuous appetite.

Reassured, Roy put his arm around her. It was difficult for Louise to just cuddle. Just lie there taking in hussshhhh-ssshhhh of the waves lapping on sand, as if nature were telling her to take it easy.

With measured intent, Louise curled round him. Hand on chest, counting the thumpity-thumps of his heart, wondering if he could feel hers, drumming away in rapid time to the party anthems. Pressing against that delicious scarlet skin. Keeping her inner animal leashed, for now. Each move a calming, coaxing massage, not the hot rough ride yearned.

"Are you cold?" Roy asked.

As if! Louise squirmed closer. Becoming as one with him as possible without... actually...

"You're shaking." He added.

Yeah, the DTs... delicious titillation... dirty trembles... denied tongue...

Denied no more. She went for the win again, gagging him with her lips. Tasting the inside of his mouth. Her thigh had long edged up over his shorts. Super-sensitive skin feeling how blissfully hard his cock was through them.

She was surprised when, while still snogging, Roy gently pushed her thigh down again. Instead of showing annoyance, Louise slid her hand down his stomach, lower still, easing into his shorts for an exquisite massage of...

More frustratingly, Roy delicately took her wrist and stopped her fanciful fishing trip. Only letting go when her fingers were safely outside his shorts.

Fuck this! Louise thought. If he's not in the mood, I am. I'll have my own fun, and if he wants to join in...

Her finger delved down again. Into her indelicately dampened kini pants. Their lips still locked, she gave an almost inaudible sigh as her nails teased the bare sensitive mound. Let the tips part herself until the tender bud of her clit trembled under her touch. With no desire to hide her urges, the massages quickly became vigourous rubs. Louise moved her thighs apart as far as their embrace allowed, so she could manoeuvre a finger into the slippery eagerness of her cunt.

As the tingles intensified, spreading through her body, Louise pressed home her killer snog. Her hand pushed and rocked deeper, quickening until...

Just as she was about to get off, smooching Roy mercilessly as she shamelessly fucked herself with two fingers, he drew back for air, asking, "Are you doing what I think..?"

Shit! Louise cried inwardly, on orgasm's edge. Not now...

She gnawed her lip, eyes struggling from closing so she could relish his burnt face.

"Just... keep..." Her words, gasping. Her body began to tense and let go in climax. She couldn't stop the tumbling avalanche of arousal as a nail found her g-spot. Then no force in nature could prevent her from coming.

"Kiss..." Louise's mouth jumped his, tongue flung between his lips, penetrating his yelp as she came. Half-sprawled, half-collapsed, her body twitched with pleasure, splashing out in tidal waves as her own skin flushed almost as red as Roy's.

She sucked in breaths as tiny sobs of ecstasy, embarrassed at the show she had given. Roy had pushed his tongue into her mouth, another delightful trigger for her orgasm. She let her mouth drop from his, her head nuzzling down his neck until it rested on his chest. All she could hear was his pounding heart, drumming faster than the distant club beats. She was pleasingly surprised when he stroked her head softly, sympathetically. Brushing her hair from the clinging veneer of perspiration coating her trembling shoulders.

They lay like that for several long silent minutes, as the glow of Louise's orgasm flowed through her, warming them against the cooling summer night.

"That was... awesome." Roy finally whispered. "I've never seen... had a girl... well, do that for me."

Louise still felt she couldn't look him in the face quite yet. Her eyes focussed down his red body to his shorts... the hard cock pulling them taut. Tentatively, her fingers crept down to it again, until her hand was intercepted once more.

"Why the frights?" she asked, too directly. "Am I coming on too strong? Are you a virgin?"

"'Course not!"

"Then what!?"

Roy gnawed his lip. Let Louise put her hand on his shorts this time. She edged the waistband down to reveal unburnt skin. Even in twilight she could tell it was unnaturally pale, almost white. She pulled more away until she could, at last, see his erect cock. That was pasty also, contrasting against reddish-mauve veins and engorged blood stiffening it. After a moment, he pulled the shorts back up.

"You see?"

Louise wasn't quite sure what she had seen. The ruby-like veins were quite a turn-on. Never before had they seemed so vivid, so etched out of a guy's skin, like raspberry ripple. It just made her hornier, if possible.

Their eyes met, "So you burn well and don't tan."

"You've seen my lens? Prepare yourself for a shock." He dabbed each eyeball with a finger and took them out. His irises were deep pinky-red.

Louise sucked in a low breath.

Roy began to put one lens in again quickly, "I knew it was a mistake..."

"No, no!" Louise caught his wrist. Let him put them away before staring into the gorgeously red eyes. Not quite red but close. Forget blues, greens and browns, here were a couple of gazes she could quite fall into.


"So you're not freaked?" Roy asked.

"Fuck no!" Louise muttered, mesmerised. "You're an albino?"

Roy nodded. "I prefer 'has albinism'. It's a condition. Not what I am."

"You know much I love red..."

"Yeah but... it's still a shock for some. Especially up close."

Louise couldn't stop looking with full-on attraction. "They're beautiful."

Even burnt, Roy was obviously glowing with embarrassment. "Really?"

"Oh fuck yes!" She leaned forward. "Smooch?"

Roy closed his eyes and puckered.

"No... eyes open."

Roy smiled and did as he was told, looking into each other across the tiny gulf of a deep, lingering snog.

Surfacing, minutes later, Louise asked, "So, now I don't mind, do you still wanna... y'know?"

It was late, edging into morning. The town lights were dimming, the club sounds muted. Even the whoosing tide had slipped down the beach to give them some privacy.

Roy had an idea and, whispering in her ear, took Louise's hand and gathered up their stuff.


It took some while to reach his small room. A converted attic, with low ceilings and a dormer window, in a back-end of town B&B without even a seaview.

"So what was it you wanted to show me?" Louise asked.

"Patience, hon."

"Been too fucking patient all evening so far."

Roy fumbled in a bag and produced some condoms.

"Can we use mine?" Louise likewise dug in her bag and pulled out some square sachets. Tore one open to reveal...

"Red condoms?"

"Naturally." Louise giggled.

"They look like kiddies balloons!"

"So let's party!" Louise said, pushing him on the bed playfully and tugging his shorts off. In the dim lamplight, his chalky unburnt skin didn't seem so stark. Highlights for the skin, she thought. Why fucking not?

She straddled his knees, soothing the coloured latex softly over his nicely-sized cock.

"Well it doesn't quite match your complexion." Louise joked, kneeling up to consider her handiwork, "But I'll make do..." Then she started giving him the gate-crasher of all blowjobs.

"Jeez Looooouise!" Roy hissed through gritted teeth as her energentic sucking and palming sent his mind sizzling through the top of his skull. Louise chuckled, or as close as with a mouth full of condom-flavoured cock, as his jac heated her tongue and squished pleasantly in the latex bubble. She flicked it around, making Roy give out moans of indelicate ecstasy.

"My turn!" Louise said, stroking the limp limb playfully with her nails.

"Fuck! You're insatiable..." Roy's voice was a hoarse whisper as he gathered his shattered senses.

"If you weren't the colour of boiled lobster, I might be able to resist you... just."

She let him tissue away and bin the used condom before assailing him with another red rubber, as her horniness fingered him to rock readiness again.

"Do you have a favourite position?" Roy asked. Louise got on all fours and hunched her face on the pillow. With her still on it, Roy tugged the bed round until she faced the dormer.

"Hey!" Louise protested. She eyed the horizon, contrasting with backlit sky, through the window suspiciously. Almost morning already? "You haven't got a mate with a cam out there, have you?"

Roy pointed out, grinning, "Smile for 'You've Been Framed'! Course not!" He slapped her bum playfully. "This is what I wanted to show you. Ready?"

"Like you need to ask, redskin?"

He was kneeling behind her, pushing inside slowly. Louise gnawed her smirk with a satisfied sigh. Imagined his burning skin, the red hair, the glowing fulfilment. Blood-hardened skin surging through blood-swollen, horny sensitivities. She had been on simmer for way too long.

Roy gyrated his hips, wriggling and plunging, pulling and stirring. One hand edged up her back, steadied her shoulder, the other caressing, guiding her hips back to his with indulgent rhythm. Louise saw his game, and raised it briskly, complementing his flow and ebb, until they rocked as one.

She remembered the Sun, searing into the sea. His heat was solar, blazing through her cunt, changing its nature forever. Her breathing had been irregular, aroused and erratic, ever since she saw him. Now it came in staggered little eeks and low staccato moans as he filled her, pumped her. And she pumped right back.

There was a flash of red light in her half-closed, rolling eyes.

A hard slap to her buttock, and Roy's hand on her shoulder pointed. The room was filled with scarlet fire as the Sun's first red rays camera-flashed through the window. Dawn. A big, beautiful red-sky-at-morning, more fiery than the sunset. Louise became one with it, wild fantasies as light squinted into her thoughts, charged through her excited nerves to meet the pending climax of Roy coming hard into her. Of the roaring, the bell-ringing, in her ears, and the completely-off-her-face sensation squelching and pulsing round him. Her eeks not so little now, her moans high and loud.

The Sun warmed the room but Louise was already outshining it. She collapsed on the sheets with Roy tumbling nicely on her scorched bare back. His weight wonderful on her body, his cock still twitching inside, making her quiver, as the aftershocks of sex subsided through them.

"Good morning, red-hot lover." Roy whispered in Louise's ear.


Sandrine's notes:

This was my submission for Filament magazine's 'Red' issue way back... whenever. But it didn't even get a response, let alone feedback. Perhaps it wasn't that good, or pushed the 'red' a bit too much...

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