Sunday, 14 August 2011

'Three Little Words'

by Sandrine Lopez

I Love You

It began as a game. Short, sweet nothings texted to keep each other interested.

Katherine started it, and to make them short, so much sweeter, the rules were:

Three Words Only

So Christopher sent back:

Be Mine Tonight

Katherine gave a little smile as she read it, feeling her heart skip a beat. Her reply had to be more considered, raising the bar.

Bring Back Sexy

For she knew he would. He already had, and Christopher anticipated that.

Don't I Always?

You smug bastard, Katherine thought. But what she keyed back on her mobile was:

Really Mean It

Christopher felt his temperature start to rise. Katherine usually only said something like that when she really meant it too. Really, deeply felt it. He could sense a growing impatience in the words, so texted:

Don't Wanna Wait

The reply was obvious.

Neither Do I

It was half past two, and Christopher had already eaten. He suspected Katherine had too, so a lunchtime quickie was out of the question. It was Friday. Would either of them be missed for the last few hours?

Wanna Skip Work?

Katherine might be tempted, but anticipation was everything. Keep Him Hungry, she thought, but her text said:

Not A Chance

There was a significant delay. Katherine wondered if she had upset him, put him off.

Still There Honey?

Several minutes more, and nothing. Katherine checked her mobile for signal, and got full strength. As she slipped it back in her bag, it chirped.

Touching Your Muff

Katherine gnawed her lip as she felt a familiar twinge in her panties. She looked around the office to see if anyone had noticed her blush. Anne walked past to use the photocopier nearby. When her back was turned, Katherine asked:

Is It Hard?

No delay from Christopher this time.

As A Rock

The tingle between Katherine's thighs slowly melted in a hot soft dampness, and she shuffled uneasily in her chair. Her legs were crossed neatly under the desk but there was a growing desire to part her thighs. She was able to play that game too.

Imagine Me Sucking

Christopher could all too easily. He was in a board meeting which, thankfully, was coming to a close. Even so, he had difficulty keeping his mind on the concluding minutes, as he read Katherine's text, and his hard-on threatened to lift the table up.

It took two to tango, to flirt, to make love... even over the air.

Clit Needs Attention

Katherine shifted her position in the chair, tense shivers trapped beneath the skin of her stomach, and replied:

Asking Or Telling?

Christopher's answer surprised.

Know So Darling

And he was right. Katherine didn't need to slip a delicate finger between her trembling thighs to sense the swelling bud, starting to ache with need. If he kept this up she was going to leave a damp patch on the chair through her skirt, and that would be beyond embarrassing. She would get her own back.

Tonguing Your Tip

Christopher gave a bit of a jump, and banged his leg on the underside of the table. At least he hoped it was only his knee.

The chairman looked up from his speech and papers. "Are you okay, Chris?"

"Just some cramp." Christopher smiled meekly. God, he had to get out of there soon, or it wouldn't just be a very obvious and enormous erection he would have trouble concealing. He could feel the slight sticky leaking where Katherine's imaginary tongue was playing on his thoughts.

"Nearly done." The chairman reassured him.

So am I, Christopher thought. And sent Katherine:

You Absolute Bitch

She was ready for that.

Nowhere Near, Lover

This time it was Christopher who got even.

My Fingers Inside

Katherine gave a small, involuntary whimper as her desires began to run wild. David, who sat almost opposite, looked up.

"Need a pee." she told him and, picking up her bag, stood and minced to the ladies loo. Katherine hoped her skirt wasn't betraying the wetness that had so far soaked her panties, making them think she already had.

Katherine gasped as she shut the cubicle door, and thumbed back:

Sucking Your Balls

See how you like that, big boy! Then Katherine eased her skirt up, and wiggled out of the clingingly wet undies, before rummaging in her bag for the spare pair she carried in emergencies. And god, was this one. The sirens were sounding, and red lights flashing already. Inside her muff had become a very dangerous zone.

Deep Dirty Digging

Clean, dry panties bridging her knees, Katherine sat on the loo. She was aware she was perspiring, more than her thighs starting to tremble. She couldn't stop her fingertip slipping down and touching herself. With her free hand, she texted:

Rubbing That Stiffy

Katherine was unaware Christopher had at last, desperately, got out of the meeting and was likewise secreted in a toilet cubicle. He replied:

Enquiring Or Wishing?

Her nail flicked over her clit, now so acutely trigger sensitive she thought she was going have a small, urgent climax right then and there. Her thumb stumbled over her mobile keys.

I'd Do Better

In his cubicle, trousers down, Christopher stood holding his cock, caressed its solid, hot, veiny length.

You Aren't Here

That settles it. Katherine counted to ten and brought her raging libido under control as far as she was capable. Weekend begins now, she thought, and patted herself as dry as possible before straightening her clothing. Then she had one final adjustment before she got back to the office, and excused herself for the rest of the afternoon. Thankfully, her boss waived it off with a kindly, "Have a nice weekend."

I intend to, Katherine thought. Her next action was to text:

Yours Or Mine?

Christopher smiled. He knew that must also mean Right Fucking Now!

Did I Win? He sent.

Katherine wasn't going to give him the benefit of that victory. His prize would be her, anyway.

Well Did I? Christopher pushed.

There was another delay while she got to her car, keying the ignition like a woman possessed. Before she drove off, she had to know where. And there, at last, was Christopher's answer.

The Closest. Quickly

His place.

Already There Sweetie. Katherine replied.

And with a screech of tyres, she joined the traffic at speed.


Christopher's car was already in the drive by the time Katherine arrived. She parked beside it and checked her mobile.

Guess I Did

Katherine had almost broken land speed records in her frantic drive across town.

Wipe That Smile

- when she really meant This Time Yes. And Next Time No.

An instant response.

The Door's Open

Katherine didn't even bother locking her car as she skipped up the steps and threw herself into the hall. There was silence but she suspected Christopher was already in the bedroom. She asked anyway:

Where Are You?

Hide And Seek

Katherine let out a shriek of frustration, and pounded up the stairs, matching the pounding in her panties, driven by lust gone wild. Nope, Christopher wasn't in bed or the room. She raced onto the landing, mobile in hand.

Cruelly Denying Pussy

She listened intently for giveaway keying sounds.

There's No Justice

Damn, Katherine thought, he must be on silent, the bastard! She would have to draw him out.

Softly Sweetly Dripping

She kicked off her heels and padded down the stairs. If Christopher was upstairs, she was sure she would have heard something.

Getting Warm Perhaps? He teased her.

Hornily Hot, Honey

In the lounge, Katherine looked round and spied the toes of Christopher's shoes under the full-length curtains. She put her mobile on silent as well, and thumbed in a text ready. Got you now, she thought, as she tip-toed slowly towards them. Send:

Peek A Boo!

Katherine pulled the curtains to one side but found no Christopher. Only his shoes. She didn't have time to react before she was grabbed from behind, to be tossed onto the big soft sofa.

"Peek A Boo." Christopher grinned. And then he jumped on her.

Katherine welcomed his weight on her, his hands finding their way all over. One reached up her skirt, teasing its way up her thigh but fund no other clothing, only a warm, welcoming wetness.

"No panties, sweetie." she purred.

Christopher hummed his approval. "Three little words..."

"Stick with it." Katherine told him, as she unbuttoned his shirt and ran her fingers over his chest. Then she started on his trouser belt but being pinned, it was awkward for her. "Take those off." she demanded.

Christopher knelt up and shrugged his shirt off, undoing his trousers with bold confident moves. "Your wish fulfilled."

"Socks as well." Katherine raised an eyebrow. Christopher peeled them off, and towered over her in just his silk boxers. Which, she noticed, had a very large damp patch upfront, where something long, thick and hard was making an effort to push its way out. She reached out and stroked the damp material with a smile. It twitched a bit.

"My fault, perhaps?" she asked.

"It always is." Christopher replied.

"Mmmmm, my hero." Katherine knelt up and teased the boxers down to reveal Christopher's huge erection. As she pulled them down his thighs, she let her lips find the tip, and ran her hot tongue over it.

Pausing for a breath, she looked up. "Is that nice?"

"A rhetorical question?" Christopher gasped.

Katherine gripped his shaft and slowly stroked its long girth, with a satisfied sound. Then she took Christopher in her mouth again and sucked on him lustily, rubbing and twisting his cock in her palm.

"Oh. My. God." he whispered.

"Uuh mmm mmmuhMMMM?" Katherine hummed, mouth full. You taste delicious, she thought.

"Mouth full... rude." Christopher chided her humourously, as he stroked her brunette hair.

"Hmmmuh uh uhmmm." Whatever you say.

Katherine pushed Christopher back on the sofa, his cock still between her lips, so he half-sat, half-lay on it. She gave him a few moments more of exquisite sucking and rubbing, before kneeling up so he could take her clothes off as well.

"Your turn now." she advised. He eagerly undid her blouse, unhooked her bra, and let her skirt fall. With a neat kick, she sent the last garment into the corner.

"She shoots... scores!" Katherine grinned.

"Scores is right." Christopher agreed, and guided her thighs so she straddled him, knees either side of his legs. Katherine didn't need to guide him. His cock was rigid and upright, and the wet depths of her pussy slowly settled around him as her mouth had done, moments before.

Katherine began to rock herself on her lover's blissfully huge and hard erection, letting her cunt ripple over him. Christopher's head lolled back in ecstasy, as she stroked his face, lovingly. "Welcome home, darling." she sighed.

Christopher took one of her pert nipples between his lips and, as he moved from one to the other, sighed. "You're an angel..."

Katherine giggled, "My halo's slipped."

'I'm so dead..." Christopher could barely speak. He knew exactly where that exquisite, golden ring had fallen to. What it now surrounded.

"Gone to heaven." Katherine added, as he found hers. The tip of Christopher's cock seemed to reach up inside Katherine, and massage her heart. Caress her soul.

Their gentle motions began to increase in speed and urgency. Both had been driven to the extreme edge of horniness by the text game, and now they needed release from it.

"Faster, sweetness, faster..." Katherine sighed, bouncing up and down on him as if he was a trampoline.

"Are.. you.. close.. ?" Christopher asked.

Katherine nodded, though that was difficult for him to tell as she juddered up and down. "Fuck... yeah... nearly... "

"How... about... now?"

"Yeah... yes! YES!"

Christopher brought his hips up a few times more before Katherine threw her head back, and gave a sighing scream of rapture as he let go of everything he had. The burning heat of his cum filled her, as she felt all her pent-up Friday afternoon frustrations melt away inside.

"Come... my angel... " Christopher gasped.

Katherine's next three words were more sounds of intense, inexpressible, pleasure.

"What... was that... ?" He urged her.

Three more sounds. A high moan of bliss. A cry of sudden, surprised sensation. A squeal of... something hidden, untold.

"Works for me... " Christopher conceded.

Katherine slowly descended from her cloud of ecstasy, a glistening stain of hot perspiration now dressing her smooth pink skin. As her sensibilities returned to her gaze, she took in the powerful image of Christopher in front of her, beneath her, inside her. She didn't need to see the musky, heavenly sweat on him. As she ran her hands over his chest, she could feel the drips moistening her fingers. Her thighs, spread over him, also testified to his all-enveloping wetness.

"Do that again." She smiled.

Never The End...

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Sandrine's notes:

This was my initial submission for UStar's story competition in 2009. I thought a simple idea would suffice, especially as the names had to be specific for reader personalisation. But while it was fun to write, it probably didn't have the impact or international scope they were looking for. I still enjoy its straightforward approach.


  1. Lighthearted story, loved the fun in it. :)

  2. I love the build up...the teasing and toying with each other.