Monday, 30 May 2011

'Squeaky Clean'

She was always the quiet one, the bashful one, the one no-one ever asked out because they thought she was no fun. Certainly not at work, let alone parties. Sat in a corner, typing away or filing. Or just sipping a lemonade. She didn't drink apparently.

Tina, or 'Teeny', or 'Squeaky Clean Teen' as she got nicknamed, was young at 19, slender and petite. Blondes might have more fun but she was the exception to the rule, it seemed. Her almost constantly lowered eyes were sky blue. Her pale skin was like porcelain. She looked as if she could break a thousand hearts, if she had the courage. But it was more butter wouldn't melt between her full pink lips, lacking even luke warmth distant from any heat or passion.

But Dave wanted to try. He liked a challenge, especially a beautiful one.

"Do you think she would?" he asked Amanda, perhaps the closest of her office workers.

"What, shag you?" she rolled her eyes.

"It was meant to be a joke. It's my way."

"She wouldn't even go out with you."

"Wanna bet?"

Amanda laughed at the easy money offer, and pulled a tenner from her purse. "You find anyone who ever has taken her out," She replied, waving the note under his nose, "And it's yours."

"Ah, Amanda, if only your heart were so easily won."

Amanda laughed again, knowing she would never be added to his string of conquests.

"If winning were as high just my heart, I'd consider. You aim so much lower." And with a teasing wiggle of her arse, she shimmied off down the corridor, knowing it would never, ever be his. No matter how hard he tried. And that was pretty hard. And obviously so.

Later that day, a large bunch of flowers was delivered to Tina's desk. Big, beautiful red blossoms, and an ornate note. Dave didn't do anything by halves. Tina cheeks blushed as rosy as them, as she timidly sought out the message, watched in anticipation by her office mates.

"Well?" Amanda asked when no enlightenment was offered, knowing without hesitation who they were from. And her eyes widen and rolled with the unspoken question - who?

Tina's eyes just flicked over the note before she slipped it in her handbag. A shrug. Then back to typing. Amanda gave a groan of despair as she and the other girls, one by one, returned to their work. It was a familiar pattern. Many had tried this opener. All had failed, it seemed.

It wasn't long before Dave followed the flowers, settling on her desk beside them. He waited a few moments before Tina looked up, almost, and shook her head. Behind her, Amanda made a show of pulling the tenner out of her purse, folding it neatly, and parking it out of sight in her cleavage, while sticking her tongue out. 'Loser' had never been expressed so eloquently.

Keeping Amanda's gaze firmly met. he leaned forward and whispered something in Tina's ear. Amanda couldn't see the expression as the girl stiffened slightly and shook her head ever so slightly but emphatically 'no' again. Dave waited a moment, then left, with Amanda's tongue waving him goodbye. She would collect later.

She passed him in the corridor at the end of the day but Dave wouldn't admit defeat.

"Rome wasn't built in a day." He reminded her.

"Dave, you do nothing but roam."

He laughed at the truth then suddenly went quiet as Tina appeared and slinked shyly past. Dave called after her but another short slight shake of her head was all he got.

"I win, and I claim my ten pounds, thank you." Amanda said.


"For the win. Pay up, loser."

"I didn't realise there was a time limit!"

Amanda considered, mulled it with her expression. "End of the week."

"Make it Monday. I'm at my best at the weekend."

A week. A month. A year. With 'Squeaky Cleen Teen', Amanda was certain the outcome would be no different.


- - -

The flowers were still there when a large box of chocolates appeared on Wednesday, a very charming and no doubt costly vase for them materialised on Thursday, and a flat case containing a pearl necklace and matching earrings on Friday. Each time, the office girls eyes widened - with mental notes to jibe their boyfriends and husbands for similar - as Dave dutifully appeared to ask again. And each time, wordlessly, was a short shy shake of her blonde hair.

And every time Dave would lean down and whisper something in her ear. Another stiff shake.

Friday lunchtime, Amanda saw him in the corridor, gazing through the clear partition at Tina, and sidled up to him.

"I think I should have bet more." She said quietly with a smile.

"Because it was an easy bet?"

"No, because you're obviously loaded. I could handle a fool whose easily parted with his money."

"A shame you'll never find out then."

Tina, as ever, left on time at the end of the day. Dave peered round the office door to where Amanda was picking up her things. The flowers and everything else had gone from Tina's desk.

Without looking up, sensing Dave's presence, Amanda asked, "Did she actually thank you for any of those?"

"Did she take them home?"


"It'll come." Dave considered, "She'll probably want to thank me privately."

"Not that privately, you wish." She paused, then asked, "What was it you kept whispering to her?"

Dave's expression gave nothing away. "I said it doesn't have to be serious. I just wanted to fuck her."

Amanda laughed, "And you wonder why she kept turning you down?"

"Hey, I offered her variety. Changed what she might like each day. Different positions..." He folded his arms and leaned against the wall, "Don't you ever wonder what she gets up to at weekends?"

"I've given up asking." Amanda replied. And gave a short Teenyesque shrug and shake of her head. With a heft of her bag, she added, "See you on Monday. with my winnings."

Dave just gave a short Teenyesque shake of his head back.

Outside, Dave was slightly surprised to see a note under his car's windscreen wiper. Not daring to hope it was from Tina, he slipped it open surreptitiously and read. In small neat handwriting was a time, tomorrow evening, and a place - a small club outside town. One with a bad reputation. It didn't seem like Tina's local. He doubted she even clubbed. Afternoon cream cakes at a tea house would be pushing the envelope there, he thought. But he was intrigued. Perhaps another of the office girls was hitting on him. He pocketed the note and made the date his.

- - -

Dave heard the place before he found it. Loud pounding beats barely muffled by the walls, the flashing signs spelled out a message that you didn't abandon hope on entering but any semblance of dignity or conscience. The girls were skimpily clad or overdressed to the point where 'hooker' would be an understatement, and the guys hanging from them mean and threatening. Dave was no wimp - he worked out and was fit - but even he felt intimated by a place were the only rule was there were no rules. Anything went and, from the few couples and groups virtually fucking on the doorstep, it always did.

Trying hard not to be phased by any of it, Dave strode purposefully through the door. There was no doorman or bouncer but a thuggish freak grunted for a light. Dave flicked his lighter out of his pocket and went to light the thin joint-like stub but the freak just grasped Dave's wrist tight, making him release it into the dirty palm. Sneering, the freak lit his joint, pocketed the lighter and staggered off. In no mood for a confrontation, Dave let it go but wondered, from the others eyeballing him, whether that made him look a weak easy target.

A slender girl with long dark hair and darker, almost black, brown eyes sidled up to him as he approached what might have passed for a dance floor. A mass of closely packed bodies, writhing to the loud beats, if you could call it dancing. Long black butterfly wing lashes veiled her gaze, under vivid splashes of dark warm eyeshadow. Her skin was tanned and dirty looking, contrasting with the pearl necklace and earrings she had the audacity to wear but her expression alone forbade thugs to even look at her, if they dare. Strictly hands-off without permission.

Entranced, Dave's hand wandered to her shoulder, his fingers touching the necklace. The necklace, he was pretty damned sure, he gave to Tina. Her hand cracked up like a whip, gripping his wrist in a painful vice-like grip. She was strong beyond her slim appearance. Long black nails dug deep into his skin.

"Did I fuckin' say you could?" she hissed, not letting go.

If it were not for the twisted look and dark colouring, she could almost be Tina in size and quiet voice.

He had to ask the impossible assumption. "Tina?"

A short sharp nod.

Dave winced. Tina's nails were starting to draw blood. She weakened her clawing, still holding his forearm powerfully, only to let her tongue run up his wrist and lick the red drops lustily. Passionately. A passion that Dave found strangely intoxicating from this dark alter-ego of such an innocent.

"What happened to you?" Dave could barely speak.

Without answering, Tina led him by his numbing arm to the dancefloor, wrapped her slim body round his and began to writhe in a fit, limber way that didn't fail to make him hard within moments. At one point, barely days ago, it was all he could have wished for - to be entangled with her. Now this untamed, neo-feral version was arousing him so obviously, as he felt his dick press against her, yet terrifyingly wanton. Wasn't that what all men wanted out of woman, even if only in bed? Wasn't he getting that wish?

Tina curled an arm, snake-like, round the back of his neck, forcibly twisting his face down to hers. Her tongue penetrated his mouth and found its way round every tooth before fighting his own tongue into submission. Even then, she locked lips and punished his mouth for resisting. It was her way, or her way. End of.

Dave's cock was beginning to throb. He needed to fuck her, feeling the exhilaration of her wildness. His heart, he was sure, was pounding as loudly and fast as the music. Drumming through his ribs to her small, perfect breasts that were barely covered by the loose dark, almost see-through vest top. In his fantasies this week he imagined her porcelain skin was as fragile, that if he had succeeded in getting her to bed, he would have to be tender and careful. Now he knew he wouldn't have to hold back, assuming this was foreplay. That her body language wasn't a tease. That she was just toying with him for whispering sweet fuck offers in her ear... dangle the tantalising possibility in front of him then laugh him away. He had been there before.

Tina's hand ripped him from his thoughts, as it tore roughly down inside his trousers and slipped inside his boxers. That was no tease surely. A woman - he could no longer think of Tina as a slip of a girl, no matter how legal - wouldn't handle a cock like that unless she meant it. At least, that was his hope. Wasn't it?

Through the tangle of bodies, Dave was aware Tina's body was angling him to a wall, a dark corner. There were already others there but they neither saw nor cared, too wrapped up in their own sordid play. As Tina was petite, Dave almost always looked down on the top of her blonde hair. Now he was aware she had gone down further. He didn't need to look to feel his belt being undone, and his trousers dropped. Tina's small hand had remained grasping his cock all this time so she was adept at undressing men as he was women. Impressive.

As was her blowjob. The grip that had nearly dislocated his wrist was no weaker or more caring, if anything it was stronger and vicious. She jerked his shaft with callous energy, threatening to tear it from his groin as her palm twisted it in an extreme wank. The tongue and lips which had come close to suffocating him now fed greedily on his foreskin, swirling vigorously over the tip before starting to take him deep. Usually he would have to hold a woman's head, push her - if willing - to relax and let all of his cock thrust into her mouth, to the back of her throat. Tina needed no urging, as one petite hand still held his pubes in a vice, the other had sought his arse and pulled his hips towards her face. The alternating press of her tongue and lips along his cock was getting painful, culminating in the heady sting of urgent, needy climax. It was unusual for him to feel it forced on him, he working his way up plateaus of his own pleasure, as well as his partner's, until the timing was right for both. Tina hadn't cared for his orgasm, only it seemed, for her own need to taste his cum and feast on it. He was simply a provider, a source. A willing one, she must have thought, as it was one of his whisperings... "Would you like to suck my cock?" he had joked, only now he didn't quite see the funny side.

He had finished cumming, his knees going weak and trembling at the sudden force of it. Of her. He couldn't bear to look down as she finally relinquished his cock and pushed it roughly back in his boxers, spent and slippery with her saliva. Did his trousers and belt up without any neatness, his shirt hanging and zip undone. Swiftly, shaken, he tried to make himself look...

Abandon all dignity...

Fuck it, Dave thought. I'm not going to be phased, and left himself looking disheveled. Tina was now standing, a slight trickle of his spunk at the corner of her snarl of satisfaction. She had enjoyed it. He could see the glazing of her eyes, like a junkie getting a hit. Again, mixed feeling of elation at such unashamed sexual hunger, and... was it disgust at being used? Did her forwardness sicken him? Or was it the after climax? He was no longer sure.

He didn't have the luxury of recovering, as Tina led him by the wrist again along the wall, past more couples fucking, to a door. A key hanging between her breasts on a slender chain gave them access, and Dave tumbled through the door as she slam-locked it behind him. The air inside was dank yet hot. He recognised it from bedrooms frequented, the heady scent of enclosed sex, not yet - and not ever, going by the lack of windows - aired and dissipated. The room was barely lit. The double bed had sheets soiled with body fluids. Still giddy, Dave felt like tumbling onto them, no matter how dirty, and sleeping out the nightmare. Tina saved him the choice, getting a slim laddered, stockinged leg behind his and using a variation on a judo throw to toss him across the mattress, before slumping on it beside him.

With a jerk of her head into cupped palms, she shed the dark contact lens and placed them in a small case, to disappear in a belt pouch. Dave looked hard into the summer blue irises, hoping that this was a return to the quiet Tina he knew but her gaze was as cold as ice. Removing them was simply a measure to prevent losing them during more physical exertion. He began to suspect she had not even started.

He tried talking, wondering if he could disarm her with words and friendly chat. As he stuttered a few platitudes, her eyes rolled up in boredom, and kneeling up she began to undress him roughly.

"Wassa matter Dave?" Her voice was still a quiet hiss, "You asked if I wanna fuck, dincha?"

"And you said no?" He replied, mimicking her short shake of the head. She pulled his shirt open, leaned low and ran her hot small tongue hard and fast up his stomach to a nipple, where she bit him. Dave jerked and let out a small cry. She laughed, a short sing-song of a chuckle from a throat tainted by insanity.

"You can't tell between 'no' and 'not yet'?" Tina guided his hands to her breasts inside her vest top. Let him savour their warmth and shape. Her nipples were hard. It was too brief a perfect moment. Gripping his wrists again, she swung his arms wide, fast, popping open the few small buttons with savage intent. Then she brought his hands back over her breasts with a slapping clap that should have been painful. From her blissful expression Dave wondered if Tina had some very sadomasochistic leanings.

He was getting hard again. Did that fact excite him? No, with her hidden strength, it was a growing nightmare. Locked in here with her. Dave remembered the saying 'Be careful what you wish for', and his jokes had come back to bitch slap him. As long as he was hard, he could be used. Much as he still wanted to fuck Squeaky Clean Teen, he was unsure if he wanted this Tina.

Could he, should he, make the best of a bad situation and just get some fun out of it? Only one way to find out. He dug his fingers around her cupped breasts and flung her on her back. Tina's blue eyes widened with appreciation, a leer of grin spreading her mouth from cheek to cheek. Her small hands undid his belt again with astonishingly efficient speed. No move wasted. By comparison Dave was feeling like a fumbling inexperienced teen again. He tired to recapture that youthful intensity again, merge it with his experience, as he lifted her legs, feet over one shoulder, and slid her short skirt off. She had no panties on, and Dave could see the dirt lines of her face, arms and belly were make-up, hiding the pale bare skin. The hair on her mound was as blonde as the Tina he wanted. Regarding him with still cold blue eyes from the faux tan, a mix of naked angel and sexual demon, Tina watched as he struggled out of his trousers, letting his cock rise unbound. Her tiny slender fingers made it look long and thick as she caressed it, rubbed it, shaping it and letting it grow like a potter creating a vase on a wheel.

It was another calm before the storm. Dave was just about to angle himself between her spread thighs when Tina's long slender legs wrapped around his thighs and twisted him off balance to fall beside her. Dazed momentarily, he lay on his back, poising to fling himself back on her but she was quicker. With a squeal of triumph, Tina was straddling him in a flash, somehow pinning him down although he was much heavier, and should have been stronger. Another moment, and her hand was guiding his cock up into her cunt. It was hot, almost burning, and wet. And unbelievably tight around him. As her hips begun to gyrate with athletic agility, spinning her way down over him, he felt like Tina had that almost inhumanly intense hand grip on it again.

Dark nails clawed at his ribs and chest as she rocked and bounced on his dick. Tina's only intent seemed to be to get Dave to cum, quickly and strongly. Despite her wetness, the tightness of her cunt was almost painful. Was it hurting her as much as it was him? If he read right, that didn't matter. Well it did but in a way she wanted. And it didn't take long either, for which Dave was thankful. Tina's movements reached an intimidating feverish speed and pain, punishment and pleasure mingled again as he felt himself shoot his load inside her with exquisite agonising ecstasy. Her teeth gnawing at a lip, eyes rolling with equal rapture, Tina orgasmed around his throbbing cock, sending delightful extreme shivers through them both.

Struggling to catch his breath, Dave realised he had actually enjoyed that. Who at work would have thought he would have broken Squeaky Clean Tina in. A first. Suck on that, Amanda, he thought, and wished he had raised the bet. Wait until everyone hears about this!

Still straddling him, Tina had taken his wrists again, pinning his hands by his head. With a grin, he hoped she was going for an encore, and was met with her grinning too. Maybe things were going in the right direction after all. It was then he felt her enclose his wrists with something strong yet flexible. Tighten them so he couldn't get free. He looked quickly from side to side and saw leather straps. Tina arched backwards, and like a gymnast flipped herself off him in a crab movement before swinging her legs over, his cock plopping limply out of her, until her feet agilely met the floor without a sound. As quickly, before Dave could take in what was going on, his legs were spread and feet bound the same way. Tina's grin took on an unnerving insensitivity, like a child contemplating cruelty to a pet. Slinking to the door, she tapped it quickly three times. It was returned. A quick unlocking, and another freaky thug was there. It could have been the same one who took his lighter but Dave wasn't sure. They all looked the same.

Alarming scenarios began to race through Dave's mind. Violence, robbery, torture... all three, and more. He didn't expect the thug to strip off, naked and dirty as Tina, and lie beside him.

"Ooooh no... " Dave began but the thug had a tough hand on his cock, wanking it to hardness. Tina slipped a mobile from her discarded belt and started taking pics, switching to video as the thug finally jacked him off with the same cold efficiency as Tina had sucked him off. A few more pics, Dave horrified look at the cum on his stomach and chest, and the prize smile of his new bedmate. He hoped that was all they were going to do...

Tina gave the thug the nod, and he dressed quickly. Before leaving, he grabbed Dave's dick and made to kiss him on the cheek with a smile. Dave turned his face from him, until the thug yanked his dick hard, twisting it painfully.

"He said 'smile'!" Tina's voice hissed, " So smile!"

Dave did his best to look happy, as happy as one can when your cock is threatened with a none-too-clean ripping off. Tina clicked a few more photos, then let the thug out with an indecent, writhing smooch. The door locked once more.

Tina's voice was as cold as her gaze as she wiped Dave's cum from between her thighs and got dressed.

"Do we have an understanding, Dave?" She pronounced his name as something disgusting on the tongue, almost spitting it.

"Why?" Was all he could ask.

"Why what?" Tina spun on her stilettos, sat beside him, stroking his cock until it was hard once more. "Why date me? Why fuck me? You're far from first, Dave!" Her thumb caressed the tip of his cock pleasurably. In other circumstances it would have been horny for her to touch him there now it was just insult to injury. "Why didya sleep with a man?"

"I didn't!"

Tina waved the mobile tantalisingly in front of his face, letting a slideshow of the pictures scroll.

"Pics say othawise, Dave. Why? So all between us remains our secret." Tina explained quietly but emphatically. "No boastin', no braggin'. Not. A. Sing. Fuckin'. Word." Her fingers twirled the necklace. "I get to keep your gifts, and you stay the office Romeo. With ev'rything still workin'." She stroked his cock again, and it twitched and stiffened.

"Why the disguise?"

"Thanks for the remind." She murmured, pulling the contact case from her pouch and slipping them in. The ice gaze replaced once more with darkness. "This isn't 'disguise'. This is me. Work's the 'disguise'. Gal's gotta earn, y'know. Even jerks like you don't keep me rich."


The short sharp shake again. "Secrecy's more presh. Social networking's a twin blade. Work is Tina. Play is... " And she mouthed a name he couldn't make out. "Besta both, doncha think?"

She stood and made for the door. "If you're behaving, boyfriend will let you go in a few." Dave's eyes widened at the revealed relationship. No hints at work. No photos. No calls. "More like fuck buddy, true. No love loss, 'thawise I mighta got fair jealous just now." Again the dark laugh. The door was quickly unlocked, and she was gone.

- - -

Amanda didn't need to seek Dave out on Monday. He came ambling into their office of his own accord, a smile on his face.

She looked between Tina, who got out her handbag, and Dave. An expression of the question that didn't need to be asked. Dave would only smile like that if he had... wouldn't he?

Over Amanda's shoulder, Dave could see Tina flicking through some pics on her mobile. She turned her head, all trace of her alter-ego gone. The hair rinsed pure blonde, the doll face devoid of the passion and lust he had seen, the skin cleansed porcelain once more. And the eyes summer blue.

Her thumb hovered over the send button on her mobile for a moment. Dave couldn't quite see the pic but he could guess.

Dave took out his wallet, and handed over a tenner to Amanda. Still smiling.

With a puzzled frown, Amanda took it. "You're a better loser than I gave you credit for."

Dave paused, "Some things are worth more than money."

His gaze met Tina's briefly, with a short sharp nod - a hint of acknowledged hellos to the unknowing - but Dave could see the inner darkness through the bright icy eyes. The animal straining to get out, leashed, caged in a beautiful and seemingly fragile body, only by a need to exist and survive in our world. To scrape a living, no matter how dull it seemed. He had thought Tina the reality but she was just a fantasy - a squeaky clean illusion for officialdom. The still waters of this office girl ran very deep and oh so dark.

And as he pondered what secrets the other girls may possess, even the amicable Amanda, his eyes fell on Tina once more. What were all their realities, and their fantasies?

Which was which?

Tina looked Dave in the eye once more, and recollections of Saturday night were briefly reflected in that bright blue gaze. Summer blue. Ice blue. As endless as sky, and colder than he wanted to know.

He waved Amanda goodbye but as he walked down the corridor, glad he had gotten out alive with all his parts still working, he repressed a shudder at the thought Tina's blue eyes were on his spine, like an assassin's gunsights.

And always would be.


  1. Wow. I love the ending especially, well done!

  2. Wonderful Sandrine. Love it, thank you for taking part in Wank Wednesday!


  3. It's always the quiet ones, isn't it? I loved the turnaround. Great storytelling.