Saturday, 24 July 2010

'No Mean Feet'

An erotic short story, in just 250 words.
(see: for the competition proper)

* * *

"Olivia... come into my office for your assessment, please?"

Envious eyes watch as I wiggle on my stilettos. Obvious the boss hired me for looks, not skills though I'm as experienced as any. More so in other... requirements.

Rumours fly. That I fucked him for the job. That I keep fucking him for promotions. Not strictly true but some accuracy. I never asked...

The door is locked. Blinds closed. No-one sees but ears prick up from cubicles, like rabbits in long grass.

Assessments take twenty minutes. He's quick but thorough.

He eyes my stilettos, ones he secretly gave me. Broad ankle-straps topping five-inch heels.

"I want to chain you to my desk." Small padlocks and slender links tether patent-leather ankle-cuffs to adjacent desk-legs, spreading me. My skirt hitched up, exposing my bare ass.

He has a riding crop. With others, he whips his desk angrily at mistakes. With me, he slashes my exposed cheeks. Expression of pure lust before...

"You'll get a 10% rise." He offers. I accept. He's fair, but oh so firm.

Crack! I look back, eyes pleading 'more'. Value for money.

When my ass is red raw, he drops his trousers. Another generous rise, all several thick inches of it. The push and slap of him against my smarting cheeks mingles with penetrating pleasures. Welcoming squeezes make him cum powerfully.

Leaving the unlocked office after, I mince back to my desk.

"Sounds like that hurt." A co-worker murmurs.

More than you'll know. But less than it should.


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